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We did something. It’s rad. We made Flatbreads and we think they’re pretty freakin’ good, any way you slice them. So good in fact, that we wanted to use our Flatbread to bring more good to the world – because we could all use a little something good. Let’s roll.

Good any way you slice it

These flatbreads are amazzzzing. They’re 100% real veggies, from crust to sauce to toppings and they’re freakin’ delicious.


Tomato + Cremini Flatbread
Tastes like:
Red Sauce


Artichoke + Spinach Flatbread
Tastes like:
Roasted Artichoke
White Pie

sweet potato

Kale + Coriander Flatbread
Tastes like:
Roasted Veggies and Green Sauce

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Playing for good with Neil Patrick Harris

Bingo game on a phone, with NPH in the background

We asked Neil Patrick Harris (NPH, NBD) to host a good ole fashioned game of BINGO. It was our way of bringing a little good to you at home – and, just by playing together, we donated 400,000 meals to those in need through City Harvest. 

Good times, good vibes! If you missed the game, you can still relive the fun!

Bingo game on a phone, with NPH in the background

Together, let’s donate 400,000 meals!

On YouTube Live Saturday, April 11th
4pm PST / 6pm CST / 7pm EST
Neil Partick Harris!

Neil Patrick Harris

City Harvest

400,000 meals donated to City Harvest

FREE Flatbread for you and a friend

Together, let’s donate 400,000 meals!

how to play


We’re keeping the goodness with a TikTok challenge. We’ll be sharing our favorite videos from our community all month long. Because we like to cut a rug and cut slices – not corners. Check back for more deets.

Good chefs. Good food.

We partnered with our chef friends in the hospitality industry and asked them to hack our new Flatbreads. Each one is good, any way you slice it.

Show your support for the hospitality community by donating to ROAR (Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants), who’s partnering with Robin Hood to raise funds for the New York City Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.

Keira Baker

Home base: Carbone
Instagram Handle: @thatkeiragirl
Currently: I’ve been enjoying cooking at home, something I never have the time to do.
Hungry for: Home cooking

Flatbread: Kale + Coriander
Hack: Toasted Sweet Apple Flatbread
Added Ingredients: Tuscan kale, apple, pine nuts, Japanese eggplant, paprika, cumin. View recipe

Ian Rusnak

Home base: Quality Eats
Instagram Handle: @iroc720
Currently: In Chicago cooking up a storm at my girlfriend's.
Hungry for: Prime Rib from Smith and Wollensky

Flatbread: Tomato + Cremini
Hack: Crispy Parmesan Flatbread
Added Ingredients: Parmesan cheese.  View recipe

Angie Rito + Scott Tacinelli

Home base: Don Angie
Instagram Handle: @donangienyc
Currently: Cooking for hospital employees. Setting up free grocery pickups for restaurant employees.
Hungry for: Comfort foods like pasta and pizza

Flatbread: Artichoke + Spinach
Hack: White Pesto Flatbread
Added Ingredients: Feta, white pesto, basil, olive oil, lemon wedge. View recipe

Alix Baker

Home base: Ernesto’s
Instagram Handle: @alixmbaker
Currently: Just finished feeding my sourdough starter. Her name is Doughbama!
Hungry for: Locally grown spring veggies from the market

Flatbread: Kale + Coriander
Hack: Farmer’s Flatbread
Added Ingredients: Ricotta, crispy maitake mushrooms, spring garlic, pickled ramp bulbs, beet greens, and flakey sea salt. View recipe

Max Levine

Home base: Le Coucou
Instagram Handle: @ponchismo
Currently: Lots of non-culinary reading and obligatory dog walks.
Hungry for:  Italian combo sandwiches

Flatbread: Tomato + Cremini
Hack: Flatbread with Pickled Peppers
Added Ingredients: Olives, pickled pepper, mint/basil/parsley, anchovy, olive oil, lemon wedge, salt and pepper to taste. View recipe

Zene Flinn

Home base: Park Avenue Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Instagram Handle: @zeneflinn
Currently: Managing all BOH operations (cooking and cleaning my kitchen).
Hungry for:  Summer tomatoes

Flatbread: Kale + Coriander
Hack: Flatbread But Make It Curried Egg Salad
Added Ingredients: Hardboiled egg, curried aioli, capers, raisins, celery, pickled red onions, fleur de sel. View recipe

Nathalie Castillo

Home base: Carbone
Instagram Handle: @butternatiflies
Currently: Yoga, running, reading, and snacking my quarantine life away.
Hungry for: Something spicy

Flatbread: Artichoke + Spinach
Hack: Spicy Calabrian Pepper Flatbread
Added Ingredients: Artichoke, cauliflower, tahini, thyme, feta, Bomba Calabrese, fresh thyme, chili flakes. View recipe

Good Neighbors

We are proud to call New York City our home. This is how we’re doing our part in the city we love:

Millions of Americans are food insecure right now. We’re donating 400,000 meals to our neighbors in NYC through City Harvest.

We’re supporting our heroes – our health workers – on the front lines in making sure they are nourished while they work tirelessly to keep us healthy.

We're sending these babies too!

Dr Atul Sharma
NYU Langone

Don’t forget to go outside every night at 7pm and clap for these amazing humans.

City Harvest is New York City’s largest food rescue organization. They help feed over one million New Yorkers who are struggling to put food on their tables. If you have the means, please join us in donating. Every bit counts.

Good food together

Even while we’re apart, good food – much like good Flatbread, brings people together. Here are a few things you can do at home to connect over our favorite hobby – eating!

Host a virtual dinner party. Send a wine delivery ahead!

Offer to do a grocery run for neighbors in need.

Cooking therapy! Get creative with items you can find in your kitchen.

Learn something new – take a virtual cooking class with a friend.

Start a recipe swap. Connect with friends and share your favorite recipes.

Try to relieve your family’s head chef. Chip in on cooking responsibilities.

Make a few extra servings of whatever’s on the menu and leave it on your neighbor's doorstep.

Volunteer to make dinner for someone that you know is on the front lines.

Have a Slice Day

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